Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kids In Jail Read Too!

Oh, my goodness...apparently I've been so crazy busy writing/revising my current book project, I've completely neglected my blogging duties!

But I have to announce that the Guys Lit Wire online book fair for boys is underway!

The bloggers/writers/reviewers over at Guys Lit Wire approached me a while back about donating books to incarcerated boys in the Los Angeles County juvenile justice system.  And because I teach Creative Writing classes in the L.A. juvenile jails, through the amazing Inside Out Writers program, we were a perfect match to get this project rolling.  Special thanks to the wonderful Lee Wind and the equally wonderful Colleen at GLW for setting this up!

The Guys Lit Wire folks have a blog site dedicated to providing a wealth of information and reviews on books for boys, and now they've pledged to "put their money where their mouths are" by placing some of their favorite books into hands of boys who need them most...those who are locked up with no access to books, but have a hunger for reading.  So often these "invisible" kids are locked away and forgotten by society.  So, I cannot thank GLW enough for remembering that, despite their histories, these are just normal kids who love reading, writing and creating! 

I've been teaching for Inside Out Writers for the last 9 months, and can safely say that these boys crave books more than anything.  More than cookies or doughnuts or spicy cheetos!  So, if you get a chance, head on over to Guys Lit Wire, click on the link to the Powells wishlist and send a book (or two or three) to my fantastically talented and dedicated writing students.

THANK YOU in advance to all those who have donated books or plan to.  This is very much appreciated!  The boys will be ecstatic.  Rock on Guys Lit Wire!



  1. I love it! Thanks for the tip on GLW.

  2. Hey Eve! Great to see a new blog post!

    Sounds like both those programs are doing some pretty awesome things; thanks for the update, and way to be involved!

  3. Eve! So good to see you back on blogger!

    I just read through the Inside Out website and am blown away. Even welled up on the alumni page - amazing transformations. I'm so proud to know someone who is working in this program!


  4. Wow, this looks like a great program! So cool...

    And no more neglecting your blog! These dusty cobwebs are making me sneeze!


  5. Eve - It's pretty amazing! Thanks for working so hard to make it happen!

  6. Go, Eve! You are amazing. We miss you - hope to see you soon. XOXO